Mark Pieloch Classic Car Collection Stocks Some Rarities

For Mark Pieloch, collecting antique and classic muscle cars has been an ongoing passion for many years. The Pieloch Classic Car Collection includes a number of rare vehicles that include the following:

  • A unique 1981 Yenko Camaro Stage III Turbocharged modified by world-famous race car driver Don Yenko
  • A 1968 Yenko Camaro with just 5,800 original miles
  • The UNO car driven by Don Yenko as his personal car; this vehicle has 9,900 original miles on its odometer
  • The SCCA Class D National Champion 1966 Yenko Corvair race car

Pieloch’s collection also includes cars that have served as pace cars and show cars in major events around the country. The Pieloch Classic Car Collection boasts more than 25 Indianapolis 500 pace cars. A 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser convertible pace car and a 1955 Bel Air Convertible pace car are among the exceptional vehicles showcased in Mark Pieloch’s collection.

Pieloch has also amassed 10 classic Ford Shelby Cobra muscle cars. A joint venture between AC Cobra and Ford Motor Company, the Shelby AC Cobra represents one of the shining achievements in the automotive world. One of Pieloch’s most prized possessions is his 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra, widely regarded as a classic by auto experts, thanks to its powerful V-8 engine and style.

The Pieloch Classic Car Collection is currently located in Syracuse, Nebraska, but will soon find a new home in Florida in facilities built specifically to house these classic cars. Mark Pieloch expects to continue adding to the collection for many years to come.